Legends & Heroes is a Melbourne based business that has been in the memorabilia industry for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves on providing quality service and product in three main categories;

Custom Framing, Fundraising and of course, the sale of authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia

Get in early for your Father’s Day presents and your custom framing.

New Design Available in our showroom Only $ 25 a gift that lasts forever.

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New designs coming soon Pop art prints framed and ready to hang.

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War Memorabilia

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ANZAC  War Memorabilia $385  $225 Each. 

Weg Premiership Collection

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 Weg Premiership Collection (Framed) $295  $239 Each.



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Pop Art Frames now available from the online store and showroom. $25.00 each

Featuring famous faces and quotes from music legends to sporting heroes.



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