5 Reasons Framed Memorabilia is Worth More Money

Memorabilia is very often valuable, with several stunning pieces going for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While some items can be worth a lot on their own, framing can help increase a memorabilia items worth, making a good piece into a great one. By having a framed memorabilia piece the price of the piece can very often be worth more.

1. Stands the Test of Time


One of the most important things to consider when keeping memorabilia is keeping it in good condition. Scratches, tears, fading, and other wear and tear is something that everybody knows all too well. When framing a piece this keeps it safe from outside harm, makeing sure that if stays in prime condition for years to come.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing


A good framing job can make a piece truly stand out, drawing attention to the memorabilia’s sensational qualities. From choosing colours that make the piece “pop”, from including photos and a plaque that give context to the article allowing others to appreciate just how special the item is, framing can give anything that extra “oomph” to make it an amazing display to anybody that sees it.

3. Truly Unique

You might have a limited edition poster, or something hand signed by a cultural icon, and those in itself are special, but a frame can make the memorabilia go from a 1 in 1000 to making it truly one of a kind. This creates an unparalleled product that is without a doubt a extraordinary item.

4. Easier to Display

Framed Memorabilia

Some items can be hard or near impossible to display correctly, folding in over itself, risking damage, or are simply not designed to be shown off. Framing can help create a look suited to the piece, making it both noticeable, protected, and easy to hang up no matter where you want to show it off.

5. Framed Memorabilia has a Professional Look

Quality Framing

Professional framing can make the world of difference. The clean edges and customarily crafted nature of the frames can add a great deal to the value of the memorabilia. While some framing can be at ‘too good to be true’ prices, it very often is, giving sub-par results and often damaging the item being framed in the process. For this reason it is important that when framing you go to a reputable store with a proven history with creating magnificent pieces.

Legends and Heroes is just this, with over 23 years experience we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with or service. Head on over to our Custom Framing page for more information, contact us directly or come in store to quickly get a quote.

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