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7 Facts about ANZAC That You May Not Know

A picture tells a thousand words and a memorabilia can do so much more. Sometimes, pictures can relive our greatest moments and remind us of some much to appreciate.

It is in all of us to take some time, reflect and remember those who have made a difference in our lives. Even more so for those who selflessly fought for our freedoms. We can all take The Tigers, who have ANZAC themed jumpers in honour and commemoration of our fallen heroes as well as our current Australian Defence Force members. As the boys go off to play Melbourne on ANZAC Day, this is an act that we all should follow.

A piece of memorabilia, or a framed picture can represent a little part of history that means so much. We will look at 7 facts about ANZAC.

Here we go:

  1. In 915, the men and women we now commemorate. the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, arrived on the Gallipoli Peninsula and since 25 April, 1916, the day has been established as Anzac Day.
  2. Many don’t know, but until 1021, Anzac was not a public holiday in both Australia and New Zealand.
  3. One fun fact to remember is that the Gallipoli Peninsula is near the ancient city of Troy.
  4. The war was rife, as most, if not all wars are, and it recorded that over 11, 000 ANZACs died, with more than 23, 500 more wounded.
  5. During World War l, the ANZAC soldiers were given biscuits that were originally known as Anzac wafer, or tile. Because they had a longer shelf life, these were given to them as part of their rations. These wafer’s or biscuits were made by the soldiers’ wives who felt healthy bakes were essential for their husbands.
  6. As part of the culture of respect and honouring the memory of our heroes, rosemary is worn on ANZAC Day. This is for the men and women who never made it back from Gallipoli, and even for all those who never returned in was that proceeded.
  7. On ANZAC Day, thousands get together to commemorate our heroes, with commemorations being held in the Harefield, Middlesex village, outside of London because of the peculiarity of history.

With all this knowledge and ANZAC Day approaching. Have you thought how you can show you appreciation and gratitude? Framed art and ANZAC memorabilia is one way you can keep the memory and legacy of all those who paved the way for where we are today. Do good. Let the legacy live on.

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