New in stock at Legends & Heroes are incredible, unique, paintings and prints. Perfect for your home, office or apartment and sure to bring a brilliant splash of colour to any room. These stunning abstract artworks are framed by Legends & Heroes and will last a lifetime!

Abstract art is popular in the design community and its influence is apparent in modern home and office design. Bold colours, pastels, dramatic brushstrokes, and other bold motifs combine to make a powerful statement on canvas and in print. Further, abstract art pieces and prints add a creative element to your home or office. Bold, bright wall art in the abstract style can brighten a room or energise an office space. As a result, abstract art prints create an inspired talking point among your friends, family or colleagues.

Abstract Art Paintings and Prints Melbourne

Prints and paintings in the abstract style look great in modern styled homes or offices but also bring amazing energy to traditional design settings. Step outside your safety zone and jump on this incredible new design trend. Make a bold statement or compliment the splashes of colour throughout your home or office. You can also refresh your home or office design with a gorgeous painting or print from Legends & Heroes! Browse stunning art works from a variety of amazing artists including the indomitable Lora Zombie whose works exhibit in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Saint Petersburg.

Legends & Heroes has a wide range of stunning abstract art prints and paintings perfect for your home, office or as an extra-special gift.

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