We are the AFL Jumper Framing Professionals

Sporting memorabilia such as ‘footy jumpers’ are a very popular collectible in Australia. This is because a jersey can hold a significant financial value to a potential buyer or sentimental value to the owner. If you want to keep your prized possession in good nick, safe and presentable, then get the experts at Legends and Hero’s in Melbourne to frame it.

Why frame your AFL Jumper at Legends & Hero’s?

Framing your favourite football jumper will preserve and protect it from the elements. ( including the dog ) It is also a great way to create a pleasing display that you can hang on the wall. We can guarantee that the value of the jumper will not be damaged by framing it professionally. All frames used by Legends & Hero’s are strong, non-destructive and come with a high grade glass cover that will protect your AFL jumper. Rest assured all the staff at Legends and Hero’s are trained in the fine art of memorabilia framing, so don’t hesitate to call us on 03 942 111 63.

AFL Jumper Framing in Melbourne

Legends & Hero’s are located in the heart of Richmond, Melbourne. We love our footy, and take great pride in turning your loose football jersey’s into wall mounted art pieces. We welcome you to come down to the shop and check out our work. We have framed countless football jerseys that can be viewed below. We can fit nearly any sized jumper into a quality frame. Don’t forget that we can frame anything and everything except body parts.