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Legends and Heroes is proud to offer one of the finest collections of autographed AFL posters in Melbourne. We specialise in official AFL Premiership posters as well as personal collection items. As a result, football posters are one of our most popular pieces of memorabilia. Perfect for collectors young and old, autographed AFL posters make great gifts as well as fantastic additions to your AFL memorabilia collections. Posters are easily hung in bedrooms, offices, and sports clubs, making them an easy to display item that commemorates the love of your team. Do not miss out on your chance to own a piece of sporting history!

Signed AFL Posters

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the AFL fan in your life, you cannot miss one of our autographed Australian Rules posters. Personally autographed by players, these posters are a fantastic way to commemorate a favourite team and player. Our range varies from single signed posters to multi-autographed pieces. Our footy posters come from both official AFL sources and private collections, carefully sourced to be unique and of a high quality. You are guaranteed a piece of sporting memorabilia that will last a lifetime. Legends & Heroes also offers framing services to ensure your signed poster last the test of time.

AFL Posters Online

You can feel safe and secure purchasing our AFL posters online. All Heroes & Legends memorabilia comes with a guarantee of authenticity. You can rest easy in the fact that your poster is the real deal. We offer official Weg posters, personally signed AFL posters and official autographed AFL posters. As a result, our posters come in a wide range of single-signed pieces and multi-autographed posters. You are guaranteed to find the perfect addition to your collection – or a fantastic gift for a loved one.

To find out more about our current AFL poster stock, please take a look at our online store, visit the shop or call us today at Legends & Heroes.