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Is The Digital Age Doing Away with Traditional Picture Framing? With So Many Options, You Might Find These to be Insightful

Picture framing is an old age story and in Australia, it is no different. With the digital world changing almost every aspect of our lives, you get to wonder what happens to all things traditional. Around the year 2000, digital photo frames became an increasingly popular phenomenon in Australia, which left a lot of framers in a shiver. According to The Daily Dot, entire industries are ‘dying’ out due to the rise of the internet and its ever changing dominance. Older, more established picture framers will tell that you how the rise of the internet changed the face of framing. Now in 2018, digital photo frames are losing ground and declining and the old age story remains being told.

It has been said that digital photos are more distracting, overpowering and visually demanding, which makes them active and not passive like the old fashioned picture frames. Their ‘activeness’ means that they constantly need your attention, even when you don’t have the time. But, why are they declining so rapidly, you may ask. A study by Internationalization, Design and Global Development highlights older users, who are generally the framers and frame lovers may be finding the features of this era to be confusing and are bewildered by all the functionalities that come with digital framing. Often they have to ask for help on how to port their digital photographs into their digital frames. Sound familiar?

Let’s pick out some pros and cons of digital photo frames and picture framing:


  • Along with pictures, you can also view videos with sound, since some of these frames are built-in speakers
  • Digital photos can serve as a great gift, although this may not be such a great idea for someone who has a tablet or smartphones
  • There are times when you want to share pictures with your friends or family members from a certain trip, event, or occasion and you can’t find the album despite searching. Digital frames will make this process a lot easier.


  • Forget about hanging digital photos or photo views on walls. Custom picture frames remain winning here, and besides, they won’t look as good.
  • Storing hundreds and thousands of photographs at a digital photo viewer is easy, but what about the need to charge or plug-in these devices, which is not as convenient as picking up an album or viewing all photos.
  • The cost factor. If you have 3 children and want to display their photos on you wall simultaneously you’ll have to buy three disparate digital photo frames. That will be much more expensive than buying three traditional, wooden photo frames.

Now, what story are you telling and keeping for years to come?

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