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Do Framed Art Your Way, But Here Are Some Things to Help You Get There

Framed art can be a business on its own and to have the ideas to what you’d love to frame is a totally different story to the execution. You could have a taste for framing or maybe you just want to put your most valued family portraits up for all those who visit to see, one thing is certain, no two walls are the same and are never entirely complete without some deco to look at.

With the complexities that come with framing art, one needs attention to detail, the consideration of placement of the picture frames, and never forgetting the choice of the perfect picture, are factors to keep in mind. Creating a statement piece in your home may sound daunting, but fear not, there is always help. We have some advice for framing interior art favourites that we’d like to share with you.

Consider this:

  • Smaller images on a larger white background within overlapping frames add an air of interest to what could be a fairly usual display
  • White borders always help colors on art pieces pop. This adds a dimension and depth to pieces that may seem ‘flowing’ in the frame (the artwork, for example, will seem like it is jumping from the wall)
  • Grids on framed art or photos are back with a vengeance. Using the same size frame, with the same frame, somehow adds a very soothing-to-the-eye feel, making it very interesting to look at
  • Framing smaller pieces can make a real impact when framed with large and mounted frames. This allows the art to stand out, and have a contemporary feel. (Oh and they look really great in groups of 3- it just brings a real style to it)
  • Simplicity works best. Living spaces are great areas for framing as they have great lighting. The reflection of light when using thin frames, preferably black or white will complement the art or photo you frame.

These are just some of our thoughts. Check our website for more.

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