At only 22 and with a fierce appetite for competition, Jake “The Package” Stringer rarely gets beaten on the field. Debuting for the Bendigo Pioneers he spent five years as a star forward and midfielder before being he was quickly contracted to the Western Bulldogs. He signed on with them in 2013 at only eighteen years old – with a promising contract until 2018, describing it as a “big rush” to know he’d been picked for draft.Jake Stringer Legends & Heroes

Originally from Eaglehawk, this young player is proving to be one of the most promising young players in the league. His performance in 2015 earned him an All-Australian selection and a place on the 22-Under-22 side. He was fifth in the Coleman Medal Tally in 2015 with 56 goals for the season, averaging two goals per game. Finishing 19th in the league for goal assists further highlighted his skill around goal and his ability to bring teammates into the game. Stringer is able to leade and inspire both on and off the ground.

Described by commentators as “an extreme talent”, the sky is the limit for the rising AFL star. He has developed into one of AFL’s most dangerous forwards, Stringer truly earns his nickname of “The Package”. A vital player, with speed and agility that allows him to push easily up the ground and his strength makes him tough in any match up. But what Stringer adds to the game is X-factor, and that is near immeasurable when it comes to drawing in fans of the game.Whenever this young, mercurial player hits the field, fans know they’re going to be treated to a night of star power.

Stringer is one of AFL’s most prominent rising stars and it is thrilling to watch him, on and off the field.