memorabilia plaquesMemorabilia plaques are a fantastic way to not only showcase achievements and special occasions, but preserve your precious memories forever. For everyone from the occasional collector to the die-hard memorabilia fan, plaques are a great complement to your favourite piece of sporting, music or artistic history. Commemorate the details of your favourite event, forever, with a custom plaque from Legends & Heroes!

Plaques for Memorabilia

You want to be reminded of the thrill of your favourite sport, singer, event, or team whenever you look at your memorabilia. You want to feel part of that moment again. Adding a plaque to your picture frame, display box, custom display or photographic collage ensures your precious memories are recorded forever.

Plaques help commemorate a special, unique event in your life or celebrates a beautiful piece of memorabilia. As a result, memorabilia plaques enhance a truly special piece of memorabilia, recording significant events and facts about your favourite team, sport star or musician.

Memorabilia plaques are also a beautiful addition to historical and war memorabilia. Ensure history is never forgotten by ensuring it is recorded forever thanks to our beautiful engraving services. Give your future generations an unforgettable piece of your family history.

Custom Memorabilia Plaques

At Legends & Heroes we supply customised plaques in a wide range of size, styles and fonts. Popular colours include gold, silver and bronze. Our in-house, expert engravers only use state-of-the-art equipment and materials, ensuring your memorabilia plaque perfectly matches your treasured memory. Further, we only use the best materials available, so you are always ensured quality results!

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best range of creative plaques. The staff at Legends & Heroes focus on fine details, and have a complete commitment to getting you the perfect result. We love our memorabilia as much as you do and treat every piece with the utmost care. Call or visit us for our expert, personal memorabilia plaque services!

So if you want your prized memorabilia to look even more attractive, contact Legends & Heroes today for our plaque and mounting options!