Top 10 Autographed Collectibles To Get Framed

The hobby, passion or even art of collecting is a very personal connection. People get great deal of enjoyment from discovering and obtaining a series of (usually) tangible items.

However, It is generally not so much the item itself that sparks a something in people, but what it represents. The human interaction and element to it, makes it. What memory or future hope it gives to that collector. Collectables are a reminder of a special moment in someone’s life or history itself.

The most popular collectables are of course; autographed collectables.
A visual representation of that human interaction, the signature that can make an item priceless, a ten cent piece of paper worth thousands (depending on who signs it of course).

For the sake of a list, here is the top 10 autographed collectables we see roll through Melbourne:

  1. AFL jumper
  2. Cricket bat
  3. Football (Aussie Rules)
  4. Basketball jersey
  5. Baggy Green
  6. Boxing/ UFC Glove
  7. Poster / Print
  8. Record/ Game day book
  9. Shoes
  10. Body parts

The best way of course to keep these collectables safe, and therefore of-value is to frame them.

Now here at Legends & Heroes, we do quality framing, and have done for the last 20 years. So we are pretty damn good at it.

However, while we are sure it is possible, we can only frame 9 out of the 10 items on that list for legal reasons.

‘Legends & Heroes – We frame anything, except body parts’

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